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Mike Quinlan Jul 29, 2021 7:13:00 PM 1 min read


As business owners, we are constantly working on selling our services or our widgets, but what about working on our business? The Business Owner Transition Academy recently hosted two live events. In the first webinar, "Fractional CFOs: Adding Transaction Value With a Part-time CFO", Mike Quinlan hosted Karen Reynolds with TechCXO and Don Bravaldo with Bravaldo Capital Advisors for a discussion on the value of bringing in expert financial management to help your team. Whether you are a mid-stage growth company or a company in preparation for transition, bringing in a fractional CFO addresses one on the major value drivers of your business.

Our second live event this month was a presentation to our current Academy class. That event was a conversation with Michael Gossling, the former owner of The consulting team from The Academy recently helped Michael and his brother with exit planning culminating in a very successful transaction with a public company.

Please enjoy our presentation:

Fractional CFOs: Adding Transaction Value With a Part-time CFO

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Mike Quinlan

As The Business Owner Transition Academy (TBOTA) Managing Director, Mike Quinlan has over 30 years of military aviation and business experience and is an expert in helping owners prepare for business transition.